Assessing and Recruiting

Assessing and Recruiting

First, we get detailed information about the company in order to analyze our client in a comprehensive way This information includes business needs, strategies, financial and market position and corporate culture evaluation. In the next step we define the needs and key responsibilities of the position.

We make interviews with the most suitable candidates for the current positions, check the references and present a short list of qualified candidates. In your selection and placement processes, we continue to give support and advice to you until your propose to the candidates.

Expert and Intermediate Executive Recruitment

We are conducting processes professionally with competent professionals for expert and mid-level manager positions. By interviewing with the candidates who are most suitable for the current positions, we will ensure that you reach the right people in a short time.

Executive Senior Recruitment

Benson & Winch conduct selection and placement processes directly for the roles that require special expertise with senior executives. Being in close cooperation with our customers will help them understand their business and strategic goals. It is the most important thing for us to understand your company's cultures, working methods and the personal goals of your managers. Honesty and confidentiality are our basic ethical values that we are proud to share with all our partners.

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2345 Candidates

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