Management of the cease of the employment process in Companies is very crucial for the security of corporate reputation, prevention of disagreements and the continuation of positive attitudes of both the employees who have left their jobs and the ones left behind.

At this point, as Maxwill we offer our clients an Outplacement Program that provides added value to both the Company and its employees in their cease of the employment process.
With our experienced cadre that are expert in their field and in cooperation with industrial psychologists, we provide the required group or individual assessment and consultancy services.
As a result of face-to-face or online interviews with the participants, we make personal guidance in their job searching processes and also contribute to the development of their networks.
We strengthen the psychological and professional competencies of individuals and with this way we ensure them to go back to business life again.
With the Outplacement Program, we offer as Maxwill, we are on your side for empowering your employer brand and showing that you support your employees in their challenging process of career transition.

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